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Liquid Remediation Solutions

Where does this work

  • AD Digestate

  • Waste Waters

  • Farm Slurry

  • Leachate

  • Dairies

  • Breweries & Distilleries

  • Paper & Board Runoff

  • Sumps, Ponds & Lake


Organically contaminated liquids are cleaned up by the use of leading nano bubble oxygenation technology that enables the removal of organic particles and to separate the clean liquids for reuse or reapplication in your processes or for discharge.  

1.2SBR Proc - Top Front

1.2SBR Proc - Top Front

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SBR Proc - Generic Front 2

SBR Proc - Generic Front 2

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Contact us to find out more on how Aqsorp can solve your current problem or to request a product information pack.

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