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A Little About Us

Gegan Solutions Ltd came from an idea back in 2016, we saw a problem arising in the Global Anaerobic Digestion sector which we felt needed fixing.  With all the food waste generated throughout the world and with limited options for disposal, or should we say limited options for the correct disposal. 


After much market research, we thought "is the best solution for food waste to be placed into a large container and then transported a large number of miles across the country to then be turned into renewable energy, compost or worse case put into a hole in the ground" two of the three is deemed as the correct solution but is there must be a better way? A more both environmentally and commercially viable method?

This is where we started thinking about how best we could use our combined knowledge of engineering and waste management to create a solution for this problem, giving the waste producer the best options available for the disposal of their organic food waste.

And this was when Gegan Solutions Ltd was born!


No longer do you have to pay for the disposal of your own food waste only to let the disposal company benefit from your own energy source. No longer do you have to transport your food waste across the country to dispose of it increasing your companies carbon footprint while also increasing the number of vehicles on the road.


The team at Gegan Solutions Ltd is a UK based company specialising in sustainable & renewable energy, from design right through to build using our own comprehensive pioneering range of tried and tested Anaerobic Digestion solutions.

We take great pride in innovation, supporting the renewable industry and consistently aiming at raising the bar, whilst producing much-needed energy.

By understanding the market sector and providing specialist equipment, we find ways to deliver increases in your recycling, improving your environmental performance and crucially saving you money.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.

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