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Our Homogenised Organic Gastrobot® technology allows the waste producer to treat their own organic waste on their own site.


The compact AD will process a wide range of material.

  • Food collected on trade waste collection roundsPackaged food waste such as surplus, spoiled or off-spec stock, out of date products, stock clearances, factory breakdowns or QC failed products

  • Restaurant and catering wastes

  • Production wastes from the manufacture of food

  • Bakery and bread products

  • Domestic, kerbside collected food waste

Our technology allows the waste producer to generate there own biogas from there own waste which can be used as a fuel for vehicles, used for heating or used to run a CHP engine which is turned in to clean electricity.

Another major benefit of our compactAD is giving the waste producer the ability to reduce their carbon footprint by no longer needing to remove their food waste from site.

A by-product from the Anaerobic digestion process is a product called digestate which is rich in nitrogen and is spread to land as an alternative source of chemical fertiliser.  

Distribution Centres


Colleges & Universities

Pet Food Manufacturers

Waste Management companies

Food Markets



Food Manufacturers




Our Modular Solution

  • Organic fertiliser

  • Modular and expandable

  • Straight forward site permitting

  • Online monitoring

  • Turn expenditure into income



Who can benefit from using our

Compact AD solution?

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